Welcome to Kongu Enginears

Kongu Enginears started in the year 1995 as a small-scale industry in the southern Indian city of Coimbatore, has grown to become a leader in manufacturing:

  • Precision Cold Rolled Tubes (Seamless & Welded)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes (SRB & Honed)
  • Stainless Steel Welded Tubes
  • Precision Machined Tubular Components
    (Pumps + Textile Machinery Parts + Automotive + EV BLDC Parts)
  • Precision Robo Welded Tubular Components
  • Radiator Butterfly Valves

Our Key Features

Our Commitment
Quality is the paramount value for us at Kongu for we believe in ‘Customer Centricity’ in all our thoughts and actions. We are committed to delivering products of excellent quality.
Our Vision

Our vision is the guiding star we follow in order to continue to achieve sustainable growth. It inspires our organization and gives direction to everything we do.